The Serbian-American Conference, organized by the Serbian Embassy in the United States as part of the "Strengthening Ties" initiative. [ Photo: Serbian Embassy/Instragram]

This weekend, Washington, DC, hosted the Serbian-American Conference, organized by the Serbian Embassy in the United States as part of the “Strengthening Ties” initiative. The event aimed to enhance connections within the Serbian community and received substantial support from Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić. According to the organizers, the conference aimed to advocate for peace, stability, and justice for the Serbian community in Kosovo.

Ambassador Marko Đurić highlighted the challenges confronted by Serbian-Americans, particularly regarding the ongoing tensions in Kosovo. He pointed out that perceptions of Serbia established during the 1990s still persist, making efforts to change the narrative demanding, arduous, and multifaceted.

“I firmly believe that the best way to improve America’s perception in Serbia is precisely by assisting the Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija to overcome and endure this challenging situation they have been facing, especially in the last 20 months. That’s why it is crucial for all of us here to leverage our diplomatic skills, connections, and contacts and raise our voices, which we have every right to do,” emphasized Ambassador Đurić.

The conference provided a platform for Serbian-Americans to engage in discussions and collaborate on addressing the complex issues affecting their community.

In a heartfelt video message, Nick Vujičić, a globally acclaimed motivational speaker of Serbian origin, lauded the conference as a significant opportunity to reveal the truth, provide factual information, and acquaint the global community with the actual situation in Kosovo.

The conference also provided an opportunity for Ambassador Đurić, on behalf of President Aleksandar Vučić, to award the Golden Medal for Merit to Professor Dr. Branko Mikašinović, a writer and anthologist. His recognition acknowledges his exceptional contributions to the presentation and promotion of Serbian literary works in the English language within the United States.


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