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The Pavlovic Today is an American independent voice not beholden to any corporate special interests nor is part of any media network with a political agenda. 

We do not lean left or right. We stand straight at the center of the informed, high-quality information, independent thought, and expert analysis.
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To root public discourse in truth. To open the doors of democracy. To invite freedom and welcome accountability home. These are core goals of both political leaders and journalists at-large.

Depth is often drowned out with the speed of soundbites today. The pursuit of controversy alone does a great disservice to our world which continues to be ravaged by conflict, attacks on press freedoms, closing space on civil society, and the degradation of liberal democracies.

The Pavlovic Today takes a stand against these trends in its dogged pursuit of creative and quality analyses by professionals, experts, those on the ground, and millennials - all voices of today committed to preserving a better tomorrow.

Good journalism requires a diversity and multiplicity of voices; great journalism begins with high-quality information, independent thought, and expert analysis.

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