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A Center lane in political journalism is necessary.

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The Pavlovic Today is an independent, global news organization based in Washington D.C. founded by  Ksenija Pavlovic McAteer, a political scientist, author, and an independent White House Correspondent currently covering the Biden administration.

The Pavlovic Today is a member of Newspack ecosystem of American independent publishers and is among 90 media companies only with the White House hard pass.

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The Pavlovic Today brings you factual, exclusive, and influential independent news, politics, and current affairs from the power centers of the world.

Our digital-first approach champions independent political thought and analysis as we shape debates ahead of the corporate mainstream media.

We are a must-read destination for Washington insiders, political thinkers, and influencers, as well as thousands of power players in business and the media. Our content is widely read among opinion-formers and decision-makers in Washington D.C.


The Pavlovic Today focuses on reliable, independent, expert journalism while safeguarding press freedoms and the public’s right to be informed.  

The Pavlovic Today is a member of Newspack, an ecosystem of independent American publishers.

In our polarized time, The Pavlovic Today focuses on bringing forth diverse voices, whose mission is to uphold the foundational principles of The Fourth Estate and safeguard the independence of the free press. The Pavlovic Today is the place to come to enjoy original and fresh perspectives on current affairs.

To root public discourse in experiments in truth. To open the doors of democracy. To invite freedom and welcome accountability home. These are the core goals of both political leaders and journalists at-large.

Depth is often drowned out with the speed of soundbites today. The pursuit of controversy alone does a great disservice in our world which continues to be ravaged by conflict, attacks on press freedoms, closing space on civil society, and the degradation of liberal democracies.

The Pavlovic Today takes a stand against these trends in its dogged pursuit of creative and quality analyses by professionals, experts, those on the ground, Gen Z and millennials – all voices of today committed to preserving a better tomorrow.

Founder & White House Correspondent Ksenija Pavlovic McAteer


You can always find us on the first line of defense of the First Amendment. We walk our talk. Our Founder, Ksenija Pavlovic McAteer stood up against the off-camera ban in the White House briefing room in 2017, an event that headlined the world and received wide support both from the legacy media and the international public.

Cancel Culture Won’t Unite The United States

Cancel Culture Won’t Unite The United States

A Center lane in political journalism is necessary. Cancel culture won’t Unite the United States it will only increase the divide, writes our Editor In Chief and White House Correspondent, Ksenija Pavlovic Mcateer. 


Our extremely diverse team of writers and experts has extensive knowledge and experience in the topics they cover. We never tell our journalists what to think or how to analyze. Contributors and analysts at The Pavlovic Today have great freedom in voicing their perspectives.

All of our published work adheres strictly to our editorial principles espousing respect for the truth, using reputable sources, and being non-discriminatory.

The Pavlovic Today is not one single mind of a corporation but is inclusive of the wide array of independent voices who serve the public interest and the people’s right to be objectively informed.

Founder & White House Correspondent Ksenija Pavlovic McAteer


Our journalistic integrity hinges not only on the normative standards of  “good reportage.” We depend not only on this but on something more. Our voice is defined by the unfiltered narratives we present around the world, born from dynamic and irreplaceable social contexts. We offer content that is both at once wide-ranging and incisive. From the White House Press Corps, geopolitics, cultures, interviews with movers and shakers to the by-invitation-only SALT Conference The Pavlovic Today provides original content and independent analysis.

Join us at The Pavlovic Today as we explore the questions that need asking, report the stories that need dissemination, and engage in the conversations that we need now, more than ever.