Boris Johnson has said at the G7 Summit that the conflict in Ukraine is at a critical point and he urged world leaders to stand firm in their long-term support for Ukraine.

Johnson said in meetings at G7 that any attempt to force Ukraine to settle the conflict now would lead to enduring instability.

Johnson told the French president Macron that any effort to settle the conflict now, with Russia having taken Ukrainian territory, would be a mistake.

“I think that the pressure is there and the anxiety is there and we’ve got to be honest about that. The G7 has been solid and we continue to be solid. But in order to protect that unity, in order to make it work, you’ve got to have really, really honest discussions about the implications of what’s going on,” Johnson told reporters at the G7 Summit.

Johnson is looking at the prospect of inviting Zelenskyy for a state visit to the UK.

The G7 will continue giving Ukraine weapons and imposing sanctions on Russia. President Biden called for Western unity to be maintained. According to the White House, US and Germany “agree with President Zelenskyy that ultimately there needs to be a negotiated resolution to the conflict. But they did not get into specific details about how to achieve that.”

Last night, Prime Minister Johnson told reporters he was actively thinking about leading the country into 2030.


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