10:00 AM President Biden will meet with Chancellor Olaf Scholz of Germany, President Emmanuel Macron of France, and Prime Minister Boris Johnson of the United Kingdom on the margins of the G7

10:30 AM  President Biden will attend the final session of the G7 Summit focused on Multilateral and Digital Order. 


12:50 PM  The President will travel to Madrid, Spain, for NATO Summit. 

Allied leaders will endorse a new Strategic Concept to guide NATO’s transformation over the next decade.

4:00 PM The President will hold a bilateral meeting with President Pedro Sánchez of Spain to continue coordinating on supporting Ukraine and holding Russia accountable. They will also discuss bilateral and multilateral defense cooperation through NATO, the promotion of shared values and economic prosperity in Latin America, the Caribbean, and Africa, and cooperation on global challenges such as combatting climate change and improving global health security.

5:30 PM The President will meet with His Majesty King Felipe VI of Spain.

8:05 PM The President and the First Lady, will attend a dinner for Heads of State and Government and Heads of International Organizations invited to the official NATO Summit program, hosted by the His Majesty King Felipe VI and Her Majesty Queen Letizia of Spain.

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