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President Biden entered the pavilion at 10:11 am.

He took his seat between Boris Johnson and Olaf Scholz.

Boris Johnson joked about the “intimate gathering” of dozens of reporters and photographers.

Biden did not respond to a question about getting grain out of Ukraine, turning to his peers and saying he didn’t hear the question.

PM Boris Johnson stepped in and said “we’re working on it.”

The UK leader said “One of the things we have seen in this G7 today is a really powerful sense of unity and resolve and purpose. Absolute determination to keep giving the Ukrainians the help, the support, the wherewithal to keep going.”


Blinken To Embark On A Grand Tour Of The UK, Ireland, Vietnam, And Japan

Secretary of State Antony Blinken is about to embark on a grand tour of four countries. Starting on April 11th, Blinken will hopscotch through the United Kingdom, Ireland, Vietnam, and Japan. Vietnam will be the site of the Secretary’s important discussions with Vietnamese officials, as they celebrate the 10th anniversary of their Comprehensive Partnership. The…

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