Today’s bilateral meeting between Biden and Chancellor Sholz at G7 was “very warm and friendly,” according to the White House. President Biden “expressed his trust” in Chancellor Sholz.

Biden said that the world leaders “have to stay together” because “Putin is counting on from the beginning that NATO and the G7 would splinter.”

Ukraine was one of the main topics of conversation in the G7 meeting.

According to the White House, “both of them agree with President Zelensky that ultimately there needs to be a negotiated resolution to the conflict. But they did not get into specific details about how to achieve that. And I think both of us have the same broad approach to the diplomatic solution.”

Bilateral meeting between Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz and US President Joe Biden in Schloss Elmau. Photo: Federal Government/KuglerBilaterales

At the top of the G7 meeting between Biden and Chancellor Sholz , President expressed appreciation for Germany’s decision to increase its defense spending, a critical issue heading into the NATO summit after this.


There was no extensive discussion regarding the oil price cap at the G7 meeting.

President Biden and Chancellor Sholz also discussed the need for continued close cooperation between the US and the EU in response to China.

“A year ago, you’ll remember China was mentioned in the G7 leader statement and was also mentioned for the first time in the NATO leader statement. We expect that that’s going to be echoed and enhanced in meetings this week, starting at the G7 and then continuing on at NATO, including in the strategic concept,” said John Kirby.

The two leaders also talked about infrastructure, which will be one of the major topics on the first day at G7.


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