This Sunday, The Balkan Voice takes center stage as they delve into the realm of cultural identity through the power of music. Our attention is captivated by Neda Nikolic, a rising star in the world of frula artistry, who is set to embark on a tour across the United States.

Neda unveils the enchanting connection between Serbian and Irish music and heritage, unveiling her own personal journey that led her to embrace the traditional Serbian instrument, the frula. Talk about hitting all the right notes!

But as the melodies echo through the air, the winds of scandal blow through the city of Chicago. Allegations of sexual misconduct have surfaced within the Chicago Police Department’s 10th District, leaving the community in a state of shock. Mayor Johnson wasted no time in addressing the matter, issuing a statement to quell the growing storm. With the CPD Bureau of Internal Affairs and the Civilian Office of Police Accountability launching an investigation, the city pledges its commitment to provide mental health support and resources to those affected.

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