Speaker Kevin McCarthy emerged from his rendezvous with President Biden, bearing the mark of a lengthy exchange at the Oval Office that had stretched beyond an hour.

With measured words, he declared the encounter was “productive” in areas where they have differences with the Democrats. Yet, he made it clear that they do not have a deal just yet.

When The Pavlovic Today asked the Speaker McCarthy if he could say with confidence that he trusts President Biden and the Democrats that they want to make a deal, he revealed his thoughts on the matter.

“I think they want to make a deal,” McCarthy told The Pavlovic Today Founder and White House Correspondent Ksenija Pavlovic McAteer. “But what we’ve witnessed time and again, and why we’re in this problem, is that every deal they [Democrats] wanted to make in the past only meant they wanted to make a deal about spending more money,” the Speaker of the House expounded.

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Founder and CEO of The Pavlovic Today asks Speaker McCarthy whether he trusts Biden and the Democrats that they want to make a deal.

McCarthy said that spending more money in America and the government is wrong. “You as taxpayers should say the same thing,” McCarthy declared. “It doesn’t matter if you’re Republican or Democrat. It’s coming out of your pocket. Every new child born today just received a $94,000 bill, and they are only one day old. I think that’s wrong. I think we’re failing in that,” emphasized McCarthy.

“And you know what, you can blame both sides for this. But that has got to stop. And it has to end now,” McCarthy insisted. “I don’t want you to think that, at the end of the day, the bill we come up with is going to solve all these problems. But it will be a step to finally acknowledge our problem and move in the right direction. And we’re going to come back the next day and take the next step.”

It doesn’t matter if you’re Republican or Democrat. It’s coming out of your pocket.

Speaker McCarthy

McCarthy said that the tone of the meeting with “was better than any other time” they’ve had discussions. He expressed his sentiment, stating, “I never wanted to be here” and emphasized his disapproval of governing through chaos, remarking, “I do not like the idea that you can govern by chaos. You are governed by a deadline.”

He revealed that as early as January, he had requested meetings with the President exclusively regarding this issue, acknowledging, “We always knew this issue was coming.” On February 1, McCarthy had the opportunity to meet with the President, where he proposed, “Mr. President, we should work together to find where we could have common ground to raise the debt ceiling but curb our spending.” Unfortunately, McCarthy said they went 97 days where the Democrats said they wouldn’t talk to them.

When asked about his confidence in closing the deal by the deadline, McCarthy expressed optimism and conveyed his belief that the deal can indeed be successfully concluded within the given timeframe.

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