On the House floor ahead of the vote on the debt ceiling, Speaker McCarthy pledged that he would not give up on the American people. With a House vote of 314-117, the bill now heads to the Senate with passage expected by the end of the week.

During a press conference on late Wednesday night, The Pavlovic Today asked Speaker McCarthy what he means when he says that he won’t give up on the American people.

“When I talk about the American people,” he begun, ” I talk about, we’re not going to stop until we make your street safe. We’re not going to stop until we make sure the border is secure. We’re not going to stop until we get the rest of the IRS agents repealed. We are not going to stop until we put ourselves on a path that a new child born in America is not given a $95,000 bill. We’re going to make our economy stronger,” Speaker McCarthy replied to The Pavlovic Today.

“We’re going to give you more freedom” he further emphasized, where the government, according to McCarthy “gets out of your life.”

McCarthy expressed his determination to continue working towards these goals until they are achieved. “We’re not gonna stop until we make this happen,” he said.

Kevin McCarthy maintained a positive demeanor throughout the day and expressed his belief that the deal struck with President Biden was beneficial for all Americans.

“We decided that you had to spend less, and we achieved that goal,” said the Speaker of the House “Is it everything I wanted? No. But I think we did pretty dang good for the American public.”

McCarthy described the debt ceiling vote as “One of the best nights since I’ve been here.”

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