Today at the White House Press Briefing, Karine Jean-Pierre, dismissed Speaker McCarthy’s claim that the Democrats suffer from an uncontrollable urge to splurge taxpayer dollars. Speaker Kevin McCarthy had stated to The Pavlovic Today yesterday that America is facing a default problem because Democrats always want to make deals that involve spending more money.

When asked by The Pavlovic Today at the press briefing if she agrees with Speaker McCarthy’s assertion of Democrats having a spending problem, Karine Jean-Pierre firmly responded with a resounding “No.”

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Ksenija Pavlovic McAteer asks Karine Jean-Pierre if she agrees with Speaker McCarthy that the Democrats have a spending problem

A brief moment of silence ensued within the briefing room before she proceeded to expound on her position.

According to Karine Jean-Pierre, President Biden’s budget is designed to tackle the deficit head-on, slashing it by a $3 trillion over a decade. Such an approach, she asserted, exemplifies the President Biden’s commitment to addressing the deficit in a tangible manner. 

“The President’s budget reduces the deficit, as you know, by nearly $3 trillion over 10 years,” Karine Jean-Pierre told The Pavlovic Today. “This is a President that believes in dealing with the deficit in a real way. That’s on top of the $1.7 trillion that the President has been able to reduce the deficit for the last two years,” she added. “The President takes this very seriously.”

To bolster her argument and refute Speaker McCarthy, Karine Jean-Pierre outlined the specific measures proposed by President Biden to curb the deficit. She cited the elimination of tax breaks for carried interest loopholes, retirement benefits for affluent real-estate investors, and cryptocurrency as means to reduce the deficit. 

“He has also proposed raising taxes for billionaires, stock buybacks, and big corporations,” she further stated.

Jean-Pierre then went on to draw attention to Biden’s efforts concerning Big Pharma and Big Oil. “For Big Oil, it costs about $30 billion. For Big Pharma, it’s about $200 billion,” she provided the figures. “That’s what it will save if we were able to cut those wasteful spending on subsidies.”

Jean-Pierre emphasized that President Biden has laid out his plans for deficit reduction. “He’s been very clear,” she emphasized from the White House podium.

“Just look at his budget from March 9th. He’s laid out how we can cut spending on behalf of the American people and American families,” she highlighted, emphasizing the gravity with which President Biden approaches this issue.

“That is on top of what he’s been able to do the last two years $1.7 trillion. Now, more recently, he also talked about doing an additional trillion dollars on top of the 3 trillion that he proposed in March 9th in his budget,” she added.

“He is taking this very seriously,” Jean-Pierre concluded before leaving the White House podium.


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