Easter is a holiday that is marked around the world, with each culture and religion commemorating the occasion in its unique and profound way. While some Christians celebrate Easter on a fixed date each year, Orthodox Christians follow the Julian calendar. This variation causes Orthodox Easter to fall on a different day than Easter celebrated by other Christians, resulting in a captivating and distinct tradition.

The Julian calendar, created by the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar in 45 BC, is based on the time it takes for the sun to orbit the earth and varies from the Gregorian calendar, which is widely employed today. This implies that Orthodox Easter can occur up to five weeks later than Easter for other Christians. Nevertheless, the themes of renewal and resurrection are central to both celebrations.

Orthodox Easter
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For Orthodox Christians, attending church is a crucial aspect of Easter festivities, with services starting from Good Friday. However, the most significant prayers and ceremonies occur during the early hours of Easter Sunday when church bells ring out and fireworks illuminate the sky, commemorating Christ’s resurrection. These celebrations persist throughout the day, often accompanied by traditional music, dancing, and feasting.

After the fasting and introspection of Lent, culinary customs hold a significant place in Orthodox Easter celebrations. For instance, Serbian Orthodox families traditionally indulge in smoked meats and cheeses, boiled eggs, and red wine as appetizers. The Easter meal typically features chicken noodle soup followed by meat dishes, with eggs serving as a symbol of Easter and new life. Red-dyed eggs symbolize the blood of Jesus shed on the cross for the redemption of all mankind.

For Serbs, the act of coloring Easter eggs starts on Friday, with the first egg always being red, acting as the household’s guardian till the following year.

Orthodox Easter
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Apart from these particular customs, Orthodox Easter is a time for families and communities to gather and celebrate their faith, culture, and heritage. The rituals and traditions of this holiday have been passed down through generations and continue to be an essential part of many people’s lives.

From the religious observances to the festive gatherings the holiday also serves as a reminder of the enduring traditions and values that have kept communities together for centuries. As the world becomes increasingly fast-paced, Orthodox Easter serves as a welcome reminder to slow down and cherish the things that truly matter: faith, family, and community.

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