In response to the Friday’s violence against Serbs in Kosovo orchestrated by the country’s Prime Minister, Albin Kurti, the former Special Presidential Envoy for Kosovo and Serbia under Trump, Richard Grenell harshly criticized the events transpiring under Biden’s watch.

Speaking to The Pavlovic Today, Grenell expresses his concern for the region’s ability to withstand Biden’s dearth of leadership, stating, “I’m not sure how much longer the region can take Biden’s lack of leadership. Even Albin Kurti is ignoring Joe,” Grenell emphasizes the disregard shown by Kosovo’s PM Albin Kurti towards the President.

“I’ve been calling on the US to be a leader in the Kosovo Serbia crisis for years – the Biden policy of standing back and asking Brussels to lead is not putting America First,” Grenell told The Pavlovic Today. “ We have moved from stability under Trump to chaos under Biden and everyone sees it. This is what it looks like when a US. President tries to Make Brussels Great Again.”

Speaking to The Pavlovic Today in October of the previous year, Richard Grenell issued a cautionary note regarding Prime Minister Albin Kurti. Irrespective of political affiliations, Grenell highlighted Kurti’s unwavering dismissal of every proposal put forth by American presidents.

Reflecting on the matter, Grenell remarked, “Republican or Democrat, Albin Kurti has rejected every idea that the Americans have put forward.”


GOP’s Arthur Schwartz took a jab at Senator Chris Murphy, suggesting that he had been outwitted by Albin Kurti. According to Schwartz, Murphy’s cold awaking resembled that of someone who, after being bested, hastily seeks the intervention of a manager to voice their grievances.


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