In a bold stride toward transforming health coverage, Serbia’s Dunav Insurance came up with the Cancer Protection, a groundbreaking insurance initiative against critical illnesses. This comprehensive Cancer Protection policy, characterized by a unique one-time payment of the sum insured upon a cancer diagnosis during the insurance period, represents a paradigm shift in the health insurance landscape.

Let’s dive into the heart of this transformative policy.

Progressive Benefits Architecture

Dunav Insurance, the architect of Cancer Protection, introduces a nuanced benefits structure that adapts to various cancer diagnoses. In case of a non-invasive cancer diagnosis, policyholders receive a thoughtful 15% of the contractual sum insured. Significantly, coverage is strategically retained exclusively against the occurrence of invasive cancer in this scenario.

Conversely, in cases where an invasive cancer diagnosis takes precedence, a substantial 100% of the sum insured is promptly disbursed, marking the termination of insurance coverage.

Enhanced Medical Support

The innovation Dunav Insurance’s policy extends beyond financial safeguards. Cancer Protection pioneers an additional benefit – the provision of a medical second opinion. Policyholders gain access to expert medical advice from the distinguished MediGuide Company, a service available on multiple occasions during the insurance period, in full accordance with the comprehensive Insurance Terms and Conditions.

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Tailored Financial Protection

Tailoring the financial aspect to your individual needs, Cancer Protection offers a flexible sum insured ranging from RSD 500,000 to RSD 5,000,000 (equivalent to USD 4,514 to USD 45,137), this tailored approach ensures financial resilience. Payments are executed in Serbian dinars according following the currency exchange rates.

Consideration For Pre-existing Conditions

Delving into the complexities of pre-existing conditions, Cancer Protection navigates exclusions carefully. Any pre-existing condition serves as grounds for excluding the insurer’s liability. Conditions encompass tumors, cancers, leukemia, specific skin changes, and gastrointestinal disorders. However, individuals diagnosed with a pre-existing condition retain the entitlement to a medical second opinion.

Waiting Period Dynamics

Ensuring the robustness of the coverage, Cancer Protection incorporates Dunav Insurance offers a 180-day waiting period at the inception of the contractual insurance period. During this interval, the insurer is not obligated to pay the sum insured or any portion thereof in the case of the insured event, fortifying the integrity of the insurance contract.

As Cancer Protection takes its rightful place in the spotlight, it signifies not just an evolution in health insurance but a compassionate and comprehensive approach to safeguarding your health. Dunav Insurance has set a new standard, a paradigm shift in the world of health coverage, making your well-being the focal point of their revolutionary journey. Because in the pages of your health story, Dunav Insurance is your trusted collaborator, ensuring each chapter is written with care, resilience, and unwavering support.


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