In the realm of women’s health, the battle against breast cancer is a defining one, where early detection can be a lifesaver. Serbia, often celebrated for its rich culture, is facing an alarming statistic – ranking second in female mortality from breast cancer in Europe. This stark reminder underscores the urgent need for heightened awareness and early detection, a mission that cannot be accomplished without the champions leading the charge.

One such champion is the Dunav Insurance Company, a socially responsible pillar in the community that unwaveringly stands by women on their health journey. Recognizing the critical healthcare needs of women, Dunav Insurance Company extends its support not only to those who take charge of their health but also to those who may feel hesitant or unsure.

At the forefront of this crusade is the Woman to Woman Association, a passionate organization founded by the dynamic duo, Ana Dornik and Marija Lakić. Their mission is clear: to offer unwavering support to women battling breast cancer and to emphasize the paramount importance of regular ultrasounds and mammograms. With determination as their driving force, they generously share invaluable information and personal experiences to empower others.

In a remarkable collaboration, the Woman to Woman Association and Dunav Insurance Company jointly launched the “Be Brave” campaign, which is now in its third triumphant year. The campaign’s primary objective is to cultivate a culture of female healthcare and prevention, and since its inception, Dunav Insurance Company has been a steadfast financial supporter of this vital cause.

The “Be Brave” Campaign: A Mobile Caravan of Hope

Imagine a mobile caravan, adorned with cutting-edge ultrasound and diagnostic equipment, traversing the picturesque landscape of Serbia. This mobile clinic offers free health examinations to women in need, ensuring that thousands have already received critical medical advice and support. The sixth caravan made its way through seventeen towns, running from September 24th to November 1st.

Dunav Insurance Company knows the essence of healthcare priorities, especially when it comes to prevention. Their “Cancer Protection” health insurance program provides not only financial support but also professional assistance and the possibility of obtaining a valuable second medical opinion. Additionally, their Voluntary Health Insurance Policy underscores the importance of preventive protection through general check-up examinations, relentlessly urging women to monitor their health regularly.

The heart of this flourishing partnership between Dunav Insurance Company and the Woman to Woman Association is a shared mission – to inspire every woman to prioritize preventive check-ups. A startling statistic reveals that 53% of Serbian women have either never undergone an ultrasound breast examination or haven’t done so in the last decade. This collaboration is about reminding women to put their health first, encouraging them to conquer their fears, and dispelling any misconceptions that might deter them from seeking those vital check-ups. The crucial message is clear – women are not alone in this battle; they have friends and allies.

As the mobile caravan’s journey through Serbia’s heartland concludes, it leaves behind a legacy of hope, empowerment, and life-saving support for women in their battle against breast cancer. The tireless efforts of Dunav Insurance Company, the Woman to Woman Association, and all those involved in the “Be Brave” campaign are lighting the way for a healthier and more resilient future for Serbian women. Together, they prove that when a community unites with a common purpose, it can change lives and save them too.


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