Three years ago, a routine ultrasound examination turned into a life-altering moment for Ana Dornik, a young woman whose world was shaken by a cancer diagnosis. In the face of this daunting challenge, she embarked on a journey of resilience, determination, and hope, emerging as an inspiring voice in the fight against cancer. Today, Ana openly shares her experiences, emphasizing the critical importance of prevention, offering reassurance to women in their own battles against this disease.

Ana Dornik is not just a cancer survivor; she is a co-founder of the Woman to Woman Association and the host of the YouTube show “Ana, without Taboos.” Her story is one of transformation, from patient to advocate, from victim to survivor.

Dunav Insurance Company’s voluntary health insurance policy encourages everyone to prioritize their health and view general check-ups as a routine rather than a traumatic experience.

In early 2023, Ana took a bold step by publishing a book titled “You are the One.” This book, in a positive and empowering manner, encourages women and girls to undergo ultrasound examinations after hearing her life story.

The Dunav Insurance Company recognized Ana’s story and the need for women to get regular checks and took a proactive approach. The company organized educational congresses and panels, offering easily accessible and affordable general check-ups as a means to break the silence that often surrounds women’s health issues. Understanding that information is power, the aim of Dunav Insurance Company is to provide women with the knowledge they need to safeguard their well-being.

Ana Dornik’s book promotion supported by The Dunav Insurance Company.

Dunav Insurance Company supported Ana’s book, donating copies in collaboration with the University Hospital Medical Centre Bezanijska Kosa. The company also sponsored book promotions in various towns across Serbia. These initiatives serve to raise awareness about the importance of regular general check-ups and maintaining health insurance coverage.

Dunav Insurance Company’s voluntary health insurance policy encourages everyone to prioritize their health and view general check-ups as a routine rather than a traumatic experience. They also offer a specialized insurance policy for cancer, known as “Cancer Protection,” which provides unique professional and financial support when needed.

In partnership with the Woman to Woman Association, Dunav Insurance Company continues to make a significant impact. The annual caravan initiative, supported by this steadfast corporate donor, offers free breast ultrasound examinations throughout Serbia.

The sixth caravan is set to visit 17 towns in Serbia, starting on November 1, 2023, providing diagnosis, advice, and essential medical assistance.

Ana Dornik

In the face of adversity, Ana Dornik and Dunav Insurance Company offer a message of unwavering optimism. Their collaborative activities and campaigns remind us that, with the right support from prevention, education, true friends, and mutual assistance, any battle in life can be won. Ana’s story is a testament to the power of resilience, and Dunav Insurance Company’s commitment to health and well-being shines as a beacon of hope for women everywhere.

Ana’s journey from diagnosis to empowerment is there to send a message that we must not delay in taking concrete steps to protect and enhance our health.


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