Confidence is important. Once you develop self-confidence you won’t settle for being mistreated, misused or abused. 

1. Eat Healthy

Maintain a regular fitness schedule/diet in order to develop self – confidence. It’s proven that exercise produces endorphins, that will make you happier. Eating healthier and drinking water, will create a clear mind. Having a balanced diet can also cure medium depression. I strongly believe that taking care of your body is a form of self – love.

2. Be Assertive

There is nothing wrong with being clear about your expectations in how you want to be treated. It may be a bit uncomfortable at first, vocalizing your opinion. The more you express yourself in discussions, at work, and with your friends, the more confident you will become. You will see that you have a voice and that your opinion does matter. People will low self-confidence tend to let others take advantage of them.

3. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Don’t compare your figure, appearance, lifestyle to others. Avoiding comparison is nearly impossible. It’s human nature to want what others have. The key is to be content with what you have. Embrace the unique person that you are. Minimize social media usage, avoid going through magazines and shows that will cause you to feel inadequate.

4. State Positive Affirmations

Every day, state 3 affirmations that you like about yourself in the mirror. Examples include: I am beautiful, I am smart, I am intelligent. There is a Scripture verse that states, “ Death and Life are in the power of the tongue.” It’s true that the words we utter about ourselves and our situation will affect our countenance.

5. Create an Environment that is Uplifting

Listen to music that is encouraging. Listening to depressing music, or music that gives you teenage angst will not help you on your journey of self – confidence. Use positive posters/pictures with inspirational quotes. Create a vision board of goals that you have. Surround yourself with individuals who will build you up, encourage and bring out the best in you.

6. Study Inspirational Figures

Follow leaders who exude confidence. If you are going through a difficult time in your life. You may identify with characters who went through hardships in their life. Read their stories, watch their biographies and interviews. Apply their tenets to your life.

7. Adopt Strong Communication Habits

Clear communication is important in order to exude confidence. Practice using direct eye contact. Also, take the time to formulate your oral answers. Enunciate your words. Focus on using good posture. You can practice doing introductions in the mirror.

Confidence is attainable. When you appreciate the God-given talents you are bestowed with, you won’t want to be anyone else!

Habiba is a writer and photographer based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She writes on a variety of topics including, relationships, lifestyle and world affairs.

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