CHICAGO—Mayor Brandon Johnson unveiled a comprehensive public safety and engagement plan on Thursday, announcing a major financial investment of $2.5 million in violence prevention efforts. The funding will be provided by the Partnership for Safe and Peaceful Communities’ 8th annual Chicago Fund, a public-private partnership.

The investment aims to support violence prevention and youth outreach initiatives throughout the city. It will fund the work of 253 grassroots organizations operating in 24 communities on the South and West sides of Chicago. The funding will kickstart engagement activities for young people during Memorial Day weekend and bridge the gap between the end of the school year and the start of Chicago Park District programming. Additionally, the investment will support youth programming during the summer and fall.

Mayor Johnson emphasized the importance of a comprehensive public safety strategy, especially during the summer season. “My administration’s top priority is building a city where every single resident feels safe, and in order to do that, we need everyone at the table. Today illustrates our commitment to working together across government, business, and community sectors,” he said.

Esther Franco-Payne, the Executive Director of the Partnership for Safe and Peaceful Communities, expressed gratitude for collaborating with Mayor Johnson and highlighted the foundation community’s dedication to making violence prevention a permanent aspect of Chicago’s public safety strategy.

“We remain deeply committed to supporting promising, multi-layered approaches as a key component of a coordinated strategy to reduce gun violence in Chicago,” she said.

Tamar Manasseh, the founder and president of Mothers and Men Against Senseless Killings, emphasized the importance of providing engaging programming for young people in building safe communities. She expressed gratitude for the opportunity to partner with Mayor Johnson and the PSPC Chicago Fund, anticipating positive impacts on the youth.

Charles Smith, the founder and CEO of CS Insurance Strategies, emphasized the role of the business community in implementing the shared vision for public safety in Chicago. He stated, “It will take everyone at the table—across business, philanthropic, and government sectors—to create change.”

The financial investment in violence prevention efforts reflects the city’s commitment to addressing the impact of violence and creating safer communities for residents, particularly the youth.


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