America has a divided Congress, but President Biden, according to the White House, is determined to emphasize unity and bipartisanship in his State of the Union address. Tonight’s speech at 9 pm ET, The Pavlovic Today understands, will focus on Biden’s four pillars of the Unity Agenda. In front of a House Republican majority in the chamber and Speaker Kevin McCarthy, the President will highlight the progress in the fight against cancer, veterans’ health, smoking prevention, and online safety for children.

Biden, the White House revealed, will speak about the achievements of the Cancer Moonshot initiative and will urge Congress to pass the National Cancer Act.

The President will discuss the veterans and the bipartisan The PACT Act. What Biden plans to focus on for a remainder of his term is the mental health and prevention of veterans’ suicide. Since 2010, more than 71,000 veterans have died by suicide.

Biden will also focus in his speech on the smoking rate reduction and supporting Americans “who want to quit” cigarettes.

When it comes to online safety, Biden will talk about the ban against targeted advertising online for children. As the President outlines the components of his bipartisan agenda, he hopes that he will be able to pass the laws in Congress with a Republican majority. According to the White House, Biden wants to deliver on these priorities and will express his desire to “deliver results” for Americans.

While Biden claims that his State of the Union address wants to bring unity, at the same time his people are sending memos to the press firing at the Republicans.

MEMO: Why Do House Republicans Want to Make Things Worse at the Border?

Penned by Ian Sams, Special Assistant to the President and White House Oversight Spokesperson, the memo sent out to the press on Tuesday morning ahead of the Biden’s State of the Union address to Congress does not suggest that Biden really means unity and bipartisanship for Americans.

“It is clear that House Republicans are more interested in staging political stunts than on rolling up their sleeves to work with President Biden and Democrats in Congress on legislation to strengthen border security and fix our immigration system that has needed repair for decades,” Ian Same is stating in the opening paragraph.

From there on, the memo attacks the Republicans on the issue of immigration blaming them for the situation at the border. Is that a constructive approach to ask Republicans to support Biden’s bipartisan agenda ahead of the State of the Union address to Congress?

With opposing messages coming out of the White House, can Biden’s Unity Agenda break through? If Biden really means “bipartisanship” and “unity” will he appear on the Fox News after his State of the Union address tonight?

Bipartisanship and unity in action should mean more than a TV sound bite.

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