I was still right. That’s how Liz Truss is looking to make herself politically relevant again. In a 4000 article for the Sunday Telegraph, the former Prime Minster attacked her successor Rishi Sunak for making “detrimental” economic decisions. In her lengthy column, she managed to blame everyone but herself for the epic fail and the havoc her misguided policies caused.

The UK’s shortest-serving Prime Minister has defended her failed economic policies by saying that the “left-wing establishment brought her down.” Truss even blamed President Joe Biden and the IMF for her downfall. Former British PM characterized Biden’s meddling “in tune with growing efforts on the world stage to limit competition between G7 economies, as evidenced by the proposed global minimum tax.”

If only any of that was a true reason for her epic fail. Let me remind her. The same Conservative Party that put her in charge brought her down after she wrecked the economy in a matter of days. 

Everything else Truss claims to have happened is nothing but historical revisionism.

Liz Truss in the Sunday Telegraph

Truss writes in the Sunday Telegraph that she wasn’t given a realistic chance to implement her policies. In her article, she defended her mini-budget, saying her approach to driving growth was right. That is the most concerning part, her inability to admit to the damage her polices made to the country.

The failed Prime Minister’s “bold plan to grow the economy through tax cuts and reforms” was only a great idea in her mind. In reality, she could not deliver the mandate on which she was elected by the membership of the Conservative Party. Liz Truss brought Liz Truss down.

Truss is planning a comeback by swinging at Prime Minister Sunak. From the corporation tax increase to China, Liz is coming for revenge. While highly entertaining, it won’t make a difference as Truss is not qualified to lead. She had her chance and blew it. Boris Johnson is waiting in the wings.


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