Sabrina Saddiqui of the Wall Street Journal, found herself at the center of online harassment following the President Biden’s joint press conference with Prime Minister Modi last week.

Siddiqui’s question to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding the discrimination against religious minorities ignited fury among supporters of the Indian leader.

Saddiqui has endured relentless online harassment, including from individuals affiliated with the Modi’s political party, who have attacked her intentions, faith, and lineage.

WHCA expressed solidarity with Saddiqui, stating unequivocally that the association supports her in the face of these attacks. “This is unacceptable,” said WHCA President Tamara Keith.

“The WHCA stands by Sabrina and the questions she chose to ask. In a democracy, journalists shouldn’t be targeted simply for doing their jobs and asking questions that need to be asked.”

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