White House Director of Strategic Communications Alyssa Farah declined to specify when the president last tested negative for coronavirus.

White House Director of Strategic Communications Alyssa Farah stopped for a short interview after finishing a TV appearance just before 3 p.m. She declined to specify when the president last tested negative for coronavirus, mentioned we may hear from Doctor Sean Conley today, and said she thinks there will be a second debate, though without giving details.

When was the last time the president tested negative?
Alyssa Farah: “I can’t reveal that at this time. Doctors would like to keep it private”
But why is that?
Alyssa Farah: “My understanding is that it’s his private medical history.”
But they reveal a lot of medical history. So why can’t you reveal that?
Alyssa Farah: “I’m happy to raise that to the doctors, but my understanding is that we’re not making it public.”
Does the White House understand why that is so critical?
Alyssa Farah: “I think it’s a very fair question so we’re happy to try and get you an answer on that”
Will we get a doctor’s report today Alyssa?
Alyssa Farah: “I anticipate Doc Conley will be giving you a report today”
Was the president blaming Gold Star families last Sunday for potentially giving him the infection?

Alyssa Farah: “No, absolutely not and I appreciate you asking so we can clarify. His point was merely that in the timeframe that he was potentially exposed, there were a number of different venues he’d been at and individuals he had interacted with that it could have come from – and by no means are blaming anyone who was present. And we did take a lot of precautions for that event. So based on contact tracing, the data we have, we don’t think it arose from that event.”

Was everyone from that event tested, or what about the Rose Garden event? And I’m saying everybody, not most people.

Alyssa Farah: “I know that everyone at the Gold Star event was tested because it was indoors. I don’t know for the Rose Garden event but I can try to track that down.”
So is there going to be a second debate?

Alyssa Farah: “I anticipate there will be a second debate. We’re going to want to do it in person. It’s not going to be virtual.”
Nancy Pelosi said today she’s not willing to consider alone airline bill unless it comes as part of a bigger package. Is that something that the president would be open to supporting?
Alyssa Farah: “We’ve made very clear we want a skinny package. We’re for direct payments, we’re for extension of PPP, and we’d like to see an airline bailout, but not part of a larger package.”
So if there is a second debate, does that mean on time or something different?
Alyssa Farah: “That I don’t know. I defer to the campaign.”
Does he feel like he can turn around the state of the race if there isn’t a second debate?

Alyssa Farah; “We’re very confident.”

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