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OPAC’s George Gigicos: We Are Peaceful Agents Of Change

"As a Christian and an American, it sickens me to see others not enjoy the same freedoms I have", says George Gigicos, co-founder of a newly formed Orthodox Public Affairs Committee (OPAC). He tells the Pavlovic Today, that that he intends to hold politicians around the world accountable for their actions as well as inactions regarding the issue…

Exclusive Interview: Adam Boehler On New Era Of Serbia-US Relations Ushered In By Trump Administration’s Fresh Approach To Diplomacy

DFC’s CEO Adam Boehler sits down with Ksenija Pavlovic Mcateer for an exclusive interview, providing insight on DFC’s historic undertaking and the inner-workings of the Serbia-Kosovo Agreement. He explains how Richard Grenell and President Trump applied an unconventional approach to a deadlocked issue, garnering success and prosperity for Serbs and Kosovo’s Albanians alike.   

Interview With Rachael Baitel: Implementation Of The Serbia-Kosovo Agreement Puts Spotlight On Women’s Role In New Era Of US-Serbia Relations

Rachael Baitel, Deputy Chief of Staff to DFC’s CEO (Adam Boehler), tells Ksenija Pavlovic Mcateer the goals of a new female entrepreneurship program titled 2X, which takes after Ivanka Trump’s own WGDP initiative. Baitel predicts “prosperity and progress across the board” for women in this new stage of US-Serbia relations, forged by the historic Serbia-Kosovo…


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