Our readers are decision-makers

  • The average reader of The Pavlovic Today has an established career and a higher level of disposable income.
  • The net-worth of average reader is $800,000 +
  • Our audience shows a strong interest in news and politics, entertainment, travel, banking and finance, technology, sports and media-related content.
  • The in-market segments indicate the audience’s active interest in financial service providers, travel, real estate, fashion, food and beverage brands, apparel and accessories brands, gift and occasion retailers, home decor companies, and holiday-themed retailers.
  • Apart from news and politics, our readers love American football, tennis and soccer.

Reach readers in the US and globally

  • Wide Geographic Reach: With users from multiple countries, the audience has a global reach, providing advertisers with the opportunity to expand their reach beyond the US market.
  • Advertisers targeting the US market can reach a large audience across various industries and interests.
  • Advertisers interested in targeting the UK market can reach significant audience.
  • Advertisers looking to target the Canadian market can reach a moderately sized audience with specific interests and preferences.
  • Serbia, Germany, North Macedonia, Australia, France, Kosovo, Netherlands: Advertisers with a focus on specific local or regional markets in these countries may find value in reaching this audience segment.

Audience Profiles

43% of our audience is female

57% of our audience is male

Digital Ad Specs

Billboard970×250GIF/JPEG – 250KB | HTML 5 – 500KBDesktop
Super Leaderboard970×90GIF/JPEG – 250KB | HTML 5 – 500KBDesktop
Leaderboard728×90GIF/JPEG – 250KB | HTML 5 – 500KBDesktop, Tablet
Medium Rectangle300×250GIF/JPEG – 250KB | HTML 5 – 500KBDesktop, Tablet, Mobile
Half Page300×600GIF/JPEG – 250KB | HTML 5 – 500KBDesktop
Small Mobile Banner320×50GIF/JPEG – 250KB | HTML 5 – 500KBMobile
Large Mobile Banner320×100GIF/JPEG – 250KB | HTML 5 – 500KBMobile
Ad TypeDimensionsFile/Creative TypeDuration
Pre-roll1280×720 (min) | 16×9 aspect ratioMPEG4, 3GPP, MOV, VAST, VPAID – Max 30MB15 – 30 seconds
Mid-roll1280×720 (min) | 16×9 aspect ratioMPEG4, 3GPP, MOV, VAST, VPAID – Max 30MBUp to 15 seconds
TypeWord CountPlacementsAccompanying Banner Sizes
Sponsored Content750 – 10007-day dedicated homepage slot, 3 social media posts970×250, 728×90, 300×250, 320×50
Sponsored Email Blast250 – 500Sent to primary subscriber list of 10,000300×250

Our Branded and Sponsored Content Packages

Our branded and sponsored content packages start at $10,000 per month for a minimum of 3 months campaign

Companies can benefit from sustained exposure, repeated interactions, and a greater opportunity to build brand recognition and loyalty.

Through rigorous editing and superb storytelling, we deliver meaningful messages to our readers at the highest journalistic quality.

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