Bring back Donald Trump on Twitter? On Friday evening, Elon Musk asked Twitter users whether he should reinstate former President and presidential candidate, 2024 Donald Trump.

Results so far show over 52% voting “yes” to Trump’s comeback. 

“When polls are about a significant question, even those who don’t follow me tend to hear about it. That said, I agree with the idea of an all-user poll. Should also be an all-user by country poll,” said Musk in response to the big voters’ turnout to his poll.

The poll will close on Saturday at 7:47 PM EST.

Earlier on Friday, Musk announced that Kathy Griffin, Dr. Jordan Peterson, and The Babylon Bee have been reinstated but that what to do with Trump has yet to be decided. On the same day, a former war crimes investigator Jack Smith has been appointed by AG Merrick Garland to oversee the criminal investigations into Donald Trump.

Twitter is undergoing massive reconstruction with firing and hiring and demand for long and intense work hours for those who opted to stay and work for the company under Musk. One of the first people Elon Musk fired was CEO Parag Agarwal along with other members of the previous leadership. So far 1200 people have left their jobs at Twitter.

UPDATE: Trump wins Elon Musk’s Twitter Poll


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