According to the Twitter poll that closed on Saturday night, 51.8% users “yes” to reinstate Trump’s account.

“The people have spoken. Trump will be reinstated. Vox Populi, Vox Dei,” said Musk.

Trump will now be able to join Kathy Griffin, Dr. Jordan Peterson, and The Babylon Bee, who have also been reinstated on Twitter.

However, in typical “hard to get” Trump style, the former President said that he wants to stick to TRUTH Social and does not see a reason why he would leave for Twitter.

“Twitter reinstating President Trump is a great move for free speech, but extremely insincere as it’s happening only after President Trump said he’s not coming back to Twitter, and obviously a move to distract from reports of Twitter teetering on the brink,” said Jason Miller who runs social media Gettr.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene shared her reaction shortly after Elon Musk’s announcement.

“President Trump should have never been banned in the first place,” she said. ” My personal account is still permanently banned for “covid misinformation.” What does it take to reinstate my account? Freedom of speech matters,” she added.

Mark Cuban also went to Twitter to share his reaction to the poll. “Smart marketing move for Twitter. Now everyone comes to see what trump does. Awful for trump. The pressure is on him to entertain. Tweets hit different as the President vs now being TFG,” tweeted Cuban.

As of this moment, Trump’s Twitter account is back online and is showing his last posts on January 8, 2021.


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