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The right to freedom of speech is an indispensable right – so revered, so admired, and yet so often unfulfilled. For not all have the privilege to express their thoughts without fearing repercussions, nor do they have the luxury of being heard.

In the vast and diverse expanse of America, there are many things that I find myself at odds with. But one thing I am grateful for is living in a country where I can speak truth to power.

For the past seven years, I have made my home in Washington DC – a city that throbs with politics and power. And here, in this capital of the free, I have arrived at a position where I can almost say whatever I want. I can criticize the White House, question the status quo, and call out hypocrisy without facing any reprisals.

World press freedom day

But why, you may ask?

It is because they know that I am an unbiased observer, that I produce high-quality work that is free of any ideological prejudice, and that I treat everyone equally. In a town that thrives on political clout, this is the most valuable form of currency.

With time, I have realized that standing up for press freedoms has only made me stronger and more steadfast in my beliefs. I have cultivated healthy relationships with many people in Washington, but I avoid becoming too cozy with the ruling class. Closeness can cloud one’s judgment, and I want to be able to ask my questions without any filter and raise my concerns without any editing.

Among the many impressive spokespeople in Washington, Ned Price stands out as one of the best. He was always prepared to answer any questions, no matter how detailed they may be. His level of professionalism and his willingness to engage with the press is admirable, and it speaks volumes about his knowledge and expertise.


Today, on World Press Freedom Day, I am reminded of the vital importance of a free and independent press. I was disappointed to see the LA Times previewing questions for Biden, and I voiced my concerns in an article criticizing Karine Jean-Pierre. But she did not hold it against me – for this is what America is all about. Having the freedom to speak your mind without any fear and to question those in power without any hesitation.

As George Orwell once said, “Freedom of the press, if it means anything at all, means the freedom to criticize and oppose.”

On World Press Freedom Day, we must remember the essential role that a free and independent press plays in holding those in power accountable. It is only through the free exchange of ideas and the ability to question authority that we can ensure an open democracy for all.


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