“I have not seen the report,” Trump says when asked about the IG report. He also explains why he’s staying out of the British election.

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DOJ IG report due out soon, AG disagrees. Do you agree?
“I just don’t know. I haven’t seen. I have purposefully stayed out of it. We have a great attorney general. He’s a very fair man. He’s a great gentleman…”

“I have not seen the report. Perhaps he’s read the report. I think he’s quoted incorrectly. I do believe that because I’m hearing the report is very powerful, but I’m hearing that by reading lots of different things, not from inside information. It’s really from outside information.”

“I think we have to read it, we have to see it, but I hear there’s a lot of devastating things in that report, but we’ll see what happens. Look, we have a few days to wait. We’ve been waiting a long time. I do think the big report to wait for is going to be the Durham report. That’s the one that people are really waiting for. He’s highly respected and he’s worked very hard. He’s worked long hours, I can tell you, and gone all over the world.”

“The IG report is a very important report. If what I read is correct — I read it in your newspaper — if what I read is correct, that will be a little disappointing, but it was just one aspect of the report. We’ll see what happens. It’s coming out in a few days. I hear it’s devastating.”

Why are you staying out of the British elections?
“I don’t want to complicate it. Look, I’ve won a lot of elections for a lot of people. If you look just over the last few months, two elections in North Carolina I won, I helped the governor of Kentucky…In Louisiana, I got them into a runoff and after getting him into a runoff…
“This is a different country. I say often, in Germany, they like Obama. The reason they like Obama is because Obama gave the ship away.”

“I love Germany, I love this country, I love a lot of countries, but I’m representing the US. They may not like me because I’m representing us, and I represent us strong.”

“I’ll stay out of the election. You know that I was a fan of Brexit. I called it the day before. I was opening up Turnberry the day before the election…

“I think Boris is very capable and I think he’ll do a good job.”

Pompeo running for Senate?
“He’s a tremendous guy doing a tremendous job and I would say this, if I thought we were going to lose that seat because we shouldn’t lose that seat, it’s a great state, it’s a state that I won overwhelmingly, as you know, we shouldn’t lose that state, then I would sit down and talk to Mike. But you could never find anybody that could do a better job as Secretary of State. And if we thought we were going to lose that, I would have a talk to Mike. If you look at polling, MIke would walk away with that seat.”
“He loves what he’s doing. He’s doing a great job.”`

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