Today’s meeting between Biden and Lula will be centered around threats to democracy, climate change, and irregular immigration. 

“Brazil is a key partner of the United States in the region, and an important ally as we look to work together to address common challenges in our region and the world,” said a senior US administration official.  

President Biden has denounced the far-right attack on Brazil’s Presidential Palace on January 8th. During the meeting, the American President is expected to reiterate his commitment and support to Brazil’s Democratic State. 

The two leaders will discuss their commitment to defend democracy, including through the upcoming Summit for Democracy on March 29th. 

“We wish to build partnership ties and growth between our countries for the development of our region, discuss efforts to achieve peace in the world and fight fake news,” Lula wrote on social media.

Other topics on the agenda include respect for human rights, social inclusion, gender equality, racial justice, and safeguarding the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Both administrations have made clear that combating climate change is a top priority. “The two leaders are aligned on the need to take bold action to combat the effects of climate change,” added a senior US administration official. Biden and Lula will outline ways to tackle the climate crisis at the meeting. 

Biden and Lula will discuss how the two countries can work together to drive economic growth by focusing on the bottom-up and middle-out economic approach, providing good-quality jobs and extensive labor rights. Brazil is the largest economy in Latin America. 

Lula has stated that he is ready to re-engage on global issues. The leaders are expected to discuss Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine and how the two countries can take action to address Haiti’s humanitarian and security crisis. 

In the past, Brazil and the US have worked together to tackle irregular migration in the Western Hemisphere. With 22 other countries, Brazil signed the Los Angeles Declaration on Migration and Protection unveiled by President Biden at the Summit of Americas. 

The heads of state will discuss further humanitarian responses to the Venezuelan crisis while planning possible next steps to stabilize immigration flows, crack down on human smuggling and increase legal pathways to the US, Brazil, and other nations in the region. 

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