President Joe Biden arrives to deliver remarks for the kickoff of his “Investing in America” tour, Tuesday, March 28, 2023, at the Wolfspeed semiconductor manufacturing facility in Durham, North Carolina. ( Photo by Adam Schultz)

A White House official revealed that today, President Biden would deliver remarks that contrast his and MAGA House Republicans’ differing visions for the economy. According to the official, the President will state that “trickle-down economics never worked for his family growing up.”

This speech comes two days after McCarthy spoke at Wall Street, making a point that President Biden “will be joined by hard-working Americans” at a union training facility in Accokeek, Maryland.

The President will highlight the “impacts of Speaker McCarthy and extreme MAGA House Republicans’ threatened 22% spending cuts — to veterans’ healthcare, childcare, and opioid treatment,” according to the White House official.


The official also said that Biden would “explain how House Republicans are trying to take away food assistance and healthcare from millions of Americans and repeal the Inflation Reduction Act, sending manufacturing overseas.”

What else can Americans expect from Biden’s address?

The President will outline his plan to cut the deficit by almost $3 trillion over ten years by “asking the super-wealthy and large corporations to pay their fair share” and cutting “wasteful spending on special interests like Big Pharma and Big Oil.”


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