The Justice Secretary Dominic Raab was speaking to the Members of the Parliament in the House of Commons regarding the new British Bill of Rights and said that the UK will remain party to the European Convention on Human Rights. If the UK were to leave the Convention it would be the only country next to Belarus.

The new Bill of Rights will modify UK”s relationship with the Strasbourg court. Raab said the British courts will no longer have to take into account rulings by the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

The new bill comes in the wake of the decision by that court to stop a flight carrying refugees or migrants asylum seekers to Rwanda.

The Justice Secretary Dominic Raab explained his position to the Members of the Parliament.

Our Bill of Rights will strengthen our proud tradition of freedom. It will demarcate a clear separation of powers. It will ensure greater respect for our democratic institutions. And it will better protect the public and restore a healthy dose of common sense the justice system, which is essential for commanding public confidence.

Dominic Raab

What the UK government wants to see is British law and British judges as the final arbiter. 


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