Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez met with US President Joe Biden on Tuesday to discuss a range of topics, including the defense of democracy, bilateral relations, and global issues. During the meeting, Sanchez praised Biden’s commitment to democracy, stating, “I see you as a reference in the defense of democracy, as many citizens around the world would have never imagined that democracy would be under threat precisely here in Washington, in the United States.”

Sanchez emphasized the strength of the relationship between the US and Spain, describing them as “allies, friends, and also strategic partners.” He then discussed four topics that would be on the top of their agenda, starting with the war in Ukraine, where he highlighted the need for a lasting and just peace that respects international law and the principles of the UN chapter. Sanchez went on to state that the aggressor in the conflict was President Putin.

He also discussed how the US and Spain can work together to benefit their middle and working classes. Sanchez called on Biden to collaborate with the European Union to regulate artificial intelligence to reach the highest level of standards globally. He also highlighted Spain’s upcoming Presidency of the Council of the EU in July, where he expressed ambition for getting the industrialization of the European Union together with the US economy and strengthening bilateral cooperation with Latin America.

Prime Minister Sanchez discussed with Biden bilateral relations, science, trade, and investment, stating that they would sign agreements to work together to boost gender equality, LGTB rights, and climate change. I

Sanchez appeared to reference the 2024 US presidential election, stating, “President Biden, I do believe that the world needs a US president that is committed to fighting the good fight, like you do, and you can count on us, so let’s keep on doing this.”


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  1. The world certainly does need more leaders like Joe Biden- a man who truly cares for the people and not just for himself like sooo many current politicians- Godspeed President Biden

  2. Leadership
    Need leaders that know People’s needs and knows how to work with other leaders, in common sense to the reality of the preasent times. Many times people don’t think of good or bad leaders. Just what they like in appearance, that can be misleading.

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