At the Summit for the Americas, VP Kamala Harris said that the “One of the important components of the summit for my perspective is the work that we’ve been doing with the call to action, which is bringing CEOs together to invest at historic numbers to invest in the northern part of Central America.”

VP Harris added that “One of the things that is without question, when we are able to improve the prosperity and stability of our neighbors, we as a nation benefit.”

Kamala Harris explained that the goal of the Biden Administration for the Summit for the Americas has been to bring CEOs together.

“Heads of state of a number of the countries in the Western Hemisphere are going to be here to talk about how we can continue to collaborate. But specifically on the issue of the economic investment that our CEOS are making, specifically on the subject of the beauty and strength of public-private partnerships, I’m very excited about the work that is being done and will continue to be done,” concluded Kamala Harris.


Newsroom at The Pavlovic Today

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