On Saturday evening, Speaker McCarthy declared that an agreement “in principle” had been reached with the Democrats, ensuring that America would not default. McCarthy’s announcement followed extensive negotiations and discussions with President Biden.

“I just got off the phone with the President. I talked to him twice today, and after weeks of negotiations, we have come to an agreement in principle,” McCarthy stated. He acknowledged that there was still much work to be done but emphasized that the agreement was “worthy of the American people.”

According to McCarthy, the agreement achieved with the Democrats entails “historic reductions in spending” and significant reforms that will uplift individuals out of poverty and into the workforce. Additionally, the deal addresses concerns regarding government overreach while avoiding the introduction of new taxes or government programs. McCarthy noted that the bill encompasses various other provisions as well.

The Speaker of the House further conveyed that the work would continue throughout the night. In consideration of Republican members of Congress, McCarthy refrained from taking questions, opting to first brief them on the current status. He indicated that the bill’s drafting would be completed by tomorrow afternoon after consulting with the White House and having another conversation with the President.

McCarthy intends to release the text of the bill tomorrow, followed by a vote scheduled for Wednesday.


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  1. Why couldn’t he told the seniors what some details about social security? That’s all some of us have and we have been worried and still we have to wait . I don’t think that it is right for the people in government decide what happens to us. Tell them to try living like us. It is not something they have to worry about. Most of them are rich and proud of it

  2. If you all would quit spending our money to support ever one but us you would not have to half uto cut our sschecks and veterans pay

  3. I hear college payments are included not fair to others who didn’t go to college because of not being able to afford it and those who paid themselves. What’s next reparations for being black. That’s just white guilt.

  4. Our leaders on both sides need to be more concerned with the American people and less with their political revenge. Also stop letting all these people come into our country and give them free living that we have worked for for. We should not have to be worried about our social security checks when we work for every single cent we get.

  5. I think it’s so wrong to put work requirements on people with disabilities. People like us are barely surviving. How could Republicans do such a thing as to starve the American people. I will never vote Republicans ever in my entire life. I stand with the democrats an that’s where my vote goes.

  6. Thanks for the tip on this decision I’m very excited about the opportunity for two men to
    Reach the phone conversation over the Saturday proposal a miracle breakthrough for the Government rates. Of 2023-2024- decision Happy forced

  7. If democrats stop getting free money also sending money all over the country we need take care this country first problem in this country, we in Washington getting a free ride let like at electric car company they get in side trading that is why they are pushing electric cars

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