The Liz Truss political Game of Thrones continues. While the Conservative MPs who lost their top jobs in the Government are using any chance to take Truss down without offering an alternative plan, Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, is jumping on the bandwagon.

Sturgeon, who wants the second Scottish referendum to take place and is awaiting a ruling from the Supreme Court on whether her government can legally hold an independence referendum, has accused Liz Truss of arrogance and disrespect. The reason? Truss has not called Sturgeon since she came into No10.

“I don’t know whether that is arrogance, lack of respect or insecurity – whatever it is, it’s not the right way to do government in a grown-up way,” said Sturgeon.

Anyone listening to Sturgeon without context may think she’s right to call out Truss. However, Sturgeon is not mentioning that the Queen died a few days after Truss became the Prime Minster and that the whole UK then had to focus on the funeral. Then immediately after the funeral, Truss had to go to UNGA and upon her return deal with the collapsing economy. All that in the past four weeks, a challenge no other Prime Minster in the UK had on their hands at once. 


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Nicola Sturgeon said that previous Prime Ministers, Theresa May and Boris Johnson, had spoken to her within a day or two of taking office, but all that happened under entirely different circumstances.

While Sturgeon has every right to believe that her obsession with the Scotland’s independence should have Truss prioritize the call with her, the latest poll by Survation contradicts her. The survery revealed that overwhelming 51 percent of people in Scotland do not want a referendum in the next year.

Despite, Sturgeon told the BBC that she thinks Scotland will become independent. “I have virtually no doubt in my mind about that,” she said. 

During Leadership Contest, Truss made no secret that her upbringing in Paisley made her a  “child of the Union”  and that the second independence referendum is the “wrong priority” for Scotland.

Sturgeon should take a hit.

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