I would not be surprised if Michael Gove takes down PM Liz Truss in less than a month. Gove was never the current Prime Minister’s biggest fan. What surprises me, however, is that the Conservatives who voted for Truss are now leading the revolt to remove her.

“She will be gone in ten days,” one Conservative MP who voted for Truss bragged loudly in the middle of the Carlton Club. 

Truss is out of her depth regarding the economy, Rishi warned the nation and the Conservative Party in every one of his appearances during the Leadership Contest. He said as if on loop that cutting taxes at this moment would be a massive mistake for Britain. Truss’s tax-cutting plans would be “a sugar rush boom,” said Sunak. His warnings turned out to be true and in double quick time.

Somehow, experienced MPs rallied around Truss to elect her over Rishi Sunak with his background in finance, even those who led Brexit at the time Truss campaigned for Remain in the 2016 referendum. The Conservative members fell for her sound bites and hard right rhetoric.

If principles and consistency mattered anything in politics, one would be led to believe that the resistance against Liz Truss shortly after she was elected as the new Prime Minister and the leader of the Conservative party would be the one that’s guiding those who oppose her.

Except for Michael Gove, who’s been pretty consistent in opposition to Truss, the others are primarily motivated because they’ve all lost their jobs in the government.

Due to the dire polling since Truss became PM many of them now look like losing their jobs as MPs too.


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