The race to select the next leader of the House Republicans has intensified as Speaker Kevin McCarthy was ousted on Tuesday, leaving the party in search of a new figurehead.

House Majority Leader Steve Scalise and Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) have both thrown their hats into the ring, vying for the coveted leadership position. Additionally, RSC Chair Kevin Hern (R-Okla.) will officially enter the fray, further adding to the competition.

The critical question on many Republicans’ minds is whether any of these three candidates possess the fundraising prowess necessary to secure the backing of big money donors. Scalise holds the position of the GOP’s second most prolific fundraiser after McCarthy. As of now, neither Scalise nor Jordan has managed to secure a majority of support within the Republican conference, making the outcome uncertain.

Former President Trump has thrown his endorsement behind Jim Jordan. However, whether Jordan can muster the requisite 218 votes needed for victory remains a subject of debate.

In the midst of the current political impasse, Congressman Tom McClintock has voiced his opinion on a possible solution. McClintock suggests that the key to resolving the impasse lies in “restoring Kevin McCarthy as Speaker under party rules that respect and enforce the right of the majority party to elect him.”

To shed more light on the contenders and their platforms, House Republicans will host a candidate forum on Tuesday night, leading up to the closed-party election scheduled for Wednesday.

McHenry, who serves as the Speaker Pro Tempore, is entrusted with maintaining order in the House and stepping in when the Speaker of the House is absent. McHenry does not plan to run for the Speaker of the House.


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