Future Self

If you were to write a letter to your future self, what would it say?

Dear Future Self, I’m writing this letter to you today to let you know how far you’ve come in the past twenty years. I know that you’ll be looking back, flailing yourself about missed opportunities, incomplete dreams, and lost connections. I write this to remind you of some of the good decisions you made, specifically three good decisions.

The first good decision was choosing people over things. You understood the value of good friendships and relationships. You made time to eat dinner with your family. You put in an effort to keep in touch with your old friends and you made new friends. You found happiness in family, relationships and life-long bonds over buying that latest iPhone or owning yet another designer dress. Here’s a reminder to call your parents and remind them you love them, a reminder to text your best friend that she means the world to you, a reminder to take time off and spend your bonus to have a fulfilling family dinner or an adventure-packed vacation with your best friends.

The second good decision was choosing your own happiness. You feared what others would think of you. You said ‘yes’ to everyone, every time. But you started saying no. You did everything you could to make others happy but also found happiness in yourself. Are you happy right now? If you’re happy, remember to take the time to introspect what’s making you happy so you keep doing that. If you’re unhappy, then find out why. Go on a quest to find that happiness. Remind yourself that the biggest reason you felt unhappy was a lack of self-care. Take care of yourself and remember that you matter the most. Love yourself. Take a vacation to treat yourself. Don’t forget to relax, sip some good wine and do nothing for a night. You deserved it then; you deserve it now.

The third good decision was being busy. It seems like a contradiction to doing nothing for a night, doesn’t it? Being busy pursuing my dreams is the one thing you’ve never regretted. I hope you remember how you immersed yourself in school, extracurriculars, giving back to the community and in finding your passion. I do hope that you’re just as busy now and that busyness is making you happy. I have faith you didn’t forget how you seamlessly managed your time to keep your stress under control. Here’s a gentle reminder, yet again because you’re probably tensed about the pile of work you have to do, busy is a blessing. You’re lucky to be doing what you love and I’m so proud you’re still engrossed in what you love. People. Yourself. Passion. I know you’ve made some mistakes along the way. You made stupid decisions, some that you regret. But, I’m glad you don’t regret these three decisions. Three simple words that allowed you to live a fulfilling life, three words that shaped your success. Don’t forget that I’m proud of you and I hope your growth warms your heart. Keep hustling, it’s what you do best. With love, Your future self  

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