5 Tips for Achieving Your Goals

Healthy habits can conquer procrastination. Make being responsible its own reward with these five easy tips to achieve your goals.

Healthy habits can conquer procrastination. Make being responsible its own reward with these five easy tips to achieve your goals. 

1. Do a single task.

Focus on a single task until it’s done. Then move to the next. Schedule the time that you will use to check your phone and email, but while you are working on your task, your complete focus should be brought to it.

GyShiDo a Boulder Colorado based firm is committed to, “the art and craft of simply getting things done.” Their colorful infographic, The Art Of Getting Your Shit Done, lists “single task” second. If you make focus a ritual, the habit itself will become a comfort. Celebrate the singularity, and privilege of blocking everything out.

2. Write it down.

Writing by hand improves memory, and it has a calming effect for those of us whose nerves might affect our output. Find a beautiful notebook that inspires you. For 6 more ways writing can improve your brain check out 7 Ways Writing Can Improve Your Brain By Yohana Desta.

3. Keep a record, follow up, and follow through

Ever the vision of determination, Anita Dhake retired at 33. After graduating law school, she came up with a plan to pay off her student debt. Through strategic planning she went from having over “$100,000 in student loan debt to having almost $700,000 saved.” She made a spreadsheet, but if you’re not great with excel, there are so many tools. In short, set goals anc commit to them on paper. Then, use tools to help you achieve those goals, and then, accomplish said goals. Yeah?

4. Tell the truth

Choose honesty over social graces, and avoid being bogged down. It’s okay to say no, or no thank you. It’s okay to share an honest opinion about executing someone else’s idea.

5. Be Assertive 

 Communicate as an assertive practice.Think of it as telling the truth, often.



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Micah Morgan

Micah Morgan

Micah Morgan is an artist, writer, and educator living in San Francisco. Over twenty years of dance, and a passion for wellness led her to start JoyBox, a non-profit that uses movement and rhythm to foster compassion and self awareness for youth in the community.

Morgan holds an MFA from California College of the Arts in Interdisciplinary Fine Art, and a B.A. in English from St. Mary's College of Maryland.

Presently, she is the New Media Artist in Residence at the African American Art and Culture Complex in San Francisco.


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