Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić has strongly refuted the White House, asserting that the claims of how Serbia is sending troops to the Kosovo administrative line are entirely false.

“Serbia sending troops to the [Kosovo] administrative line is a pure lie….Serbia would not benefit from it as that would jeopardize its position in EU-sponsored talks with Pristina,” President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić told today to the Financial Times.

The President’s response follows remarks made by NSC Coordinator for Strategic Communications, John Kirby, during a NSC press briefing on Friday. Kirby stated that an “unprecedented staging of advanced Serbian artillery, tanks, and mechanized infantry units” had been observed near the Kosovo border.

However, no visual evidence, such as satellite imaging, was presented to the press.

Insisting that Serbia is not engaging in troop building, Vučić said that such a measure would not benefit Serbia.

“Why would this be beneficial for Belgrade?” Vučić said. “What would be the idea? To destroy our position we have been building for a year? To destroy this in a day? Serbia does not want war,” Vučić was clear.

President Vučić further clarified for the Financial Times that the White House’s claims did not align with the reality on the ground, noting that the number of Serbian forces was actually decreasing over time.

He explained, “Last year we had 14,000 men near the administrative line; today we have 7,500, and we will reduce that to 4,000.”

Former Special Presidential Envoy for Serbia-Kosovo, Richard Grenell, criticized NSA Jake Sullivan and Secretary of State Blinken for disseminating what he referred to as “phony information” regarding Serbian troop movements near Kosovo.

Grenell questioned the White House’s actions, asking, “So why did the Joe Biden White House lie about a buildup? It’s a build-down,” he asked. “And why did they issue a June 3rd redline for Albin Kurti and then let him cross the line without consequences? Weakness leads to chaos.”


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