Ric Grenell, the former Special Presidential Envoy for Serbia and Kosovo, criticized NSA Jake Sullivan and Secretary Blinken for disseminating “phony information” regarding Serbian troop movements along the border with Kosovo.

“They are so out of touch with the Balkans,” Grenell remarked.

He indicated that last year, there were 14,000 troops, but today, there are only 7,500 troops. Grenell added that by Monday, there will be 4,000 Serbian troops on the border.

“So why did the Joe Biden White House lie about a buildup? It’s a build down, ” he asked. “. And why did they issue a June 3rd redline for Albin Kurti and then let him cross the line without consequences? ” He added, “Weakness leads to chaos.”

Grenell’s comments followed John Kirby’s briefing with White House correspondents, as reported by Pavlovic Today.

Kirby, without presenting any visual evidence of the troop buildup said that the US is “monitoring a large Serbian military deployment along the border with Kosovo that includes an unprecedented staging of advanced Serbian artillery, tanks, and mechanized infantry units.”

President of Serbia said in a phone conversation with Blinken yesterday that he welcomes KFOR’s increased presence and the North Atlantic Council’s decision to authorize additional forces. 


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