Nicola Sturgeon has set out her plans for the economy in an independent Scotland. Today’s third independence paper details the economic architecture, proposals for Scottish currency, trade, EU membership, and border arrangements.

The policy of the Scottish government is to establish a Scottish pound. “The paper sets out in detail a careful and responsible phased approach, as well as the arrangements necessary to support a new currency and, in the shorter term, our continued use of sterling,” said Sturgeon.

She said a “stronger, fairer and more sustainable” economy was more likely with Scotland’s independence than under Westminster control.

“The UK economy is in long-term decline. The uk economic model is failing, and failing badly. But, in relation to an independent Scotland, people want to know, indeed people have a right to know this. Can we do better? Do we know how to do it, and will it be worth it?,” asked Nicola Sturgeon.

The Supreme Court is looking at whether Scotland can hold a second independence referendum without the permission of Westminster.

While she was campaigning for the Conservative Party leadership, Liz Truss said that her upbringing in Paisley made her a  “child of the Union”  and that the second independence referendum is the “wrong priority” for Scotland.


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