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Madeleine Albright, the first female US Secretary of State, and one of the biggest proponents of the NATO aggression of Belgrade in 1999, has died at the age of 84.

This news came on the eve of the 23-year anniversary of the bombing in Belgrade that I am a survivor of. I’ve will be writing something later today to commemorate.

Your top news stories of today are below. 


Departing the White House yesterday for the NATO Summit in Brussels, Biden was asked how concerned he is about the threat of chemical warfare right now. How high is the threat that Russia will use chemical weapons?

“I think it’s a real threat,” responded Biden.

A Full Day Today in Brussels

In the morning, at 9:45 AM local time, President  Biden greeted NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at NATO Headquarters. “We are determined to continue to impose costs on Russia to bring about the end of this brutal war, ”said Stoltenberg.

Biden  took a family photo with other NATO Leaders at NATO Headquarters. President Biden shook hands and said a few words to Prime Minister Johnson, President Erdogan, President Macron, and Prime Minister Kallas, according to a White House official. 

Next, Biden will attend and deliver remarks at an Extraordinary Summit of NATO Heads of State and Government to discuss defense efforts in response to the war in Ukraine. 

In the afternoon, the President will take a family photo with other G7 Leaders at NATO Headquarters. 

Then, the President will attend and deliver remarks at a G7 Leaders’ Meeting to further discuss with other G7 Leaders the consequences for Russia.

Afterwards, the President will hold a bilateral meeting with European Council President Charles Michel at the Europa building. 

In the evening the President will join and deliver remarks at a European Council Summit. 

At 8pm, at NATO Headquarters, the President will hold a press conference.

On Friday morning, President Biden will host European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen for a bilateral meeting at the U.S. Mission in Brussels.


Ron DeSantis says that Florida will start allowing businesses who want to pay tax in crypto to do so. He also said that he is “very concerned” over Biden’s EO on digital assets.


Bitcoin (BTC):$42,786.90

Ether (ETH):$3,023.61


LUNA: $94.76



Jake Sullivan has revealed a few details about Biden meeting today with G7 leaders. Given that the G7 has been a central locus for sanctions coordination, they are expected to “agree on an initiative to coordinate on sanctions enforcement so that Russian efforts to evade the sanctions or other countries’ effort to help Russia evade the sanctions can be dealt with effectively and in a coordinated fashion,” according to Sullivan. 

The United States will announce a new package of sanctions that “relate both to political figures, oligarchs — so, individual designations as well as entities — and that’ll be released tomorrow,” said Sullivan. 

The G7 will also cover a number of other critical issues, including the global energy picture and the global food security picture, as well as some of the other knock-on and spillover effects of the conflict in Ukraine on the global economy and on the livelihoods of the American and people all around the world.

“The United States strongly condemns the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK)  for its test of a long-range ballistic missile,” said Jen Psaki in a statement. 

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The war in Ukraine  has entered its second month and Zelenskyy invited in a video address people worldwide to take it to the streets and protest against the war. 

According to US intelligence, Russian forces are placing themselves in defensive positions 10 miles from Kyiv.

In Afghanistan, most teenage girls won’t be able to return to secondary school, the Taliban decided. 

Across the pond, the UK will be facing its biggest drop in living standards since the 1950s.

Following the release of the third video segment of the pranksters call with UK Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace and Vovan and Lexus, the UK Ministry of Defense (MoD) wants YouTube to remove the video from its platform. Ben Wallace has said on a call that Britain wanted Ukraine to join NATO but was blocked by other members of the alliance.

Speaking in Jamaica Prince William has expressed his profound regret for the slavery. 

And that’s a wrap for Thursday morning, March 24 2022. Good Morning DC will be back tomorrow to bring you the latest first. 

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