France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, and the United States have intensely tried to find the solution in the past month with the Kosovo government to allow eligible Serbian minority in Kosovo to exercise their right to participate in Serbia’s elections on April 3, 2022. This however, won’t happen due to Kosovo’s unwillingness to accept the “pragmatic proposal” the Quint made.

“With this decision, Kosovo’s Government failed to demonstrate its commitment to the principle of protecting the civil and political rights of all its citizens, including of members of minority groups,” said Ned Price of the State Department in a joint statement with France, Italy and the UK.

“Such an attitude of the Kosovo Government is not in line with our values and principles and will undermine its European aspirations. Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, we welcomed Kosovo’s alignment with the statements and declarations EU and the Quint members adopted,” added Price.

The members of the Quint want Kosovo to act “in the interest of all citizens” and “uphold its core values and responsibility towards regional stability and respect democratic processes, as well as to commit to the protection of the rights of members of minority groups.”

Following the decision to prohibit Serbian minority in Kosovo from voting in the forthcoming election in Serbia, Price called on Kosovo and Serbia to “refrain from any actions and rhetoric that increase tensions and may lead to incidents.”


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