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Following the US designation of a state prosecutor in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Diana Kajmakovic, Ned Price told The Pavlovic Today that more sections in the Western Balkans countries can be expected.

“One of our goals when it comes to the Western Balkans,” said Ned Price, “is working with governments and working with people of the region to target and to take out and to root out corruption.”

Price noted that sanctions are “one important tool” to tackle corruption in the Western Balkans.

“We did announce and Treasury did announce sanctions this morning on a state prosecutor general who had engaged in acts of corruption. We provided an information in that statement, Treasury may have additional information regarding the basis for that designation,” added Price.

“Sanctions will remain an important tool, not the only tool, but one important tool when it comes to the region and when it comes to our goal, the goal that we share with governments and people in the region of rooting out corruption.”

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