“The wedding of Naomi Biden and Peter is a private one. The family — it’s a family event. And Naomi and Peter have asked that their wedding be closed to the media, and we are respecting their wishes,” Press Secretary Jean-Pierre said last week on Friday.

The White House press was disappointed, but even more so when Vogue published the exclusive story on Naomi’s White House wedding to Peter George Nea.

The Washington reporters raised their voices on Monday in protest of being out-scooped. 

“I had reporting in October about Vogue being tapped to cover this and I was waved off. Official explanation is that Vogue wasn’t there the day of,” announced Katie Rogers, White House Correspondent for the New York Times. 

“I spent four years covering the Trump WH and two years covering the Biden WH. What’s fascinating is that they both lie, albeit in v different ways. Trump team was shameless, whereas Biden team is too cute by half,” said WaPo journalist Ashley Parker. 

“The bride and groom could have chosen a private space to hold a private wedding. Using the White House, which belongs to the American people gives this event a public component and thus the WH press should have been approved to cover a portion of the event for the historical record,” remarked Kelly O’Donnell. 

The event was historic as it marked the first time a granddaughter of an American President had been married at the White House. 

“White House weddings have been covered by the press throughout history and the first family’s wish for privacy must be balanced against the public’s interest in an event occurring at the People’s House with the President as a participant,” stated the White House Correspondents’ Association.

“The WHCA advocated for allowing a small pool of journalists to cover some portion of the wedding. Our request for coverage was declined and we are deeply disappointed that the White House has chosen to keep this event fully closed to the press.”


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