The Pavlovic Today conducted a follow-up during Tuesday’s press briefing at the State Department regarding the inquiries raised by AP’s veteran journalist Matt Lee the previous day concerning the alleged participation of a former US official from the prior administration in facilitating the release of the three Kosovo police officers by the Serbian government.

According to a senior government official in the Serbian government, speaking to The Pavlovic Today, a former US official from the previous administration “played no role” in President Vucic’s decision-making process. Instead, the official said it was Hungarian PM Viktor Orban who exerted influence and affected Vucic’s decision to release the three Kosovo policemen.

“Whose diplomacy is responsible for the release?,” The Pavlovic Today asked Blinken’s spokesperson.

“I will not put myself in the position of speaking for former administration officials. I have a big enough job already,” Matthew Miller refused to say who was responsible for the release of the three Kosovo policemen.

“I will speak for the United States government and what we did which is called for the release of those three police officers,” Miller told The Pavlovic Today. “As I said yesterday, we were pleased to see the release. As is often the case, success has thousand fathers and whatever the ultimate reason was that caused the authorities to release those three police officers, we were happy to see it happen.”

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Sources within the Serbian government told The Pavlovic Today that the motive behind the Hungarian PM involvement in persuading Vucic to release the Kosovo policemen stemmed from Orban’s visit to Brussels. In Belgrade at the meeting with the Serbian President Vucic, PM Orban was able to provide him with insights into the potential consequences if Serbia chose not to release the Kosovo police officers.

Furthermore, despite Albanian PM Edi Rama’s attempt to take credit for influencing Vucic’s decision, a source at the Office of the Serbian President categorically stated that neither Rama nor any former US official had any involvement in the matter.

Hungarian President Katalin Novak praised the action taken by Serbian President Vucic in releasing three police officers.

“Hungary helps where it can,” she said. “I salute the wise decision of the Serbian President Vucic to release the three police officers following the Hungarian proposal made at our press conference after the Serbian-Hungarian Strategic Cooperation Council last week. A good move towards consolidation,” said Novak.

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