Labour MP Lisa Nandy went on TalkRadio this morning to say that her party would support a 3% commitment to the UK defense budget.

“We’ve been absolutely clear that if Ben Wallace wins the fight within government, in order to protect defense spending, then we would support that, ” said Nandy.

“We believe it would be the wrong thing to do to cut defense spending. But we also believe that the government has to go back to the drawing board on defense, some foreign policy more generally, because only a year ago, they’d signaled in their 10 year strategy that we were going to tilt towards the Indo Pacific and focus more on China, and take our focus away from what was happening in Europe with Russia, ” Nandy added. 

She said the Labour wants to “pay far more attention to Russian aggression” so that Putin understands that Europe “can’t be divided.” 

Armed Forced Minister James Heappey threatened to quit if Truss’s ditched the commitment to spend 3% of GDP on defense. Downing Street confirmed that Liz Truss would proceed with the plans for boosting defense spending. 

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