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Ksenija Pavlovic, the founder, and editor-in-chief of The Pavlovic Today will be speaking at Pierson College of Yale University on February 22nd at 4 PM.

As a speaker at Pierson College Tea at Yale University supported by Poynter Journalism Initiative, Pavlovic will be highlighting her experiences as a White House correspondent under the Trump administration, as well as her commitment to protecting free press, despite the costs.

The title of the speech is “The State of Free Press in Trump’s America”, and Pavlovic will be discussing how her upbringing in the former Yugoslavia has consolidated her dedication to protecting the free press. Such experiences ultimately led to her courageous decision to break the White House’s ban against live streaming in the name of press freedoms.

Having made clear that she and her publication’s mandate is a commitment to protecting the free press while empowering youth, Pavlovic hopes to inspire Yale students in attendance to be more active and engaged citizens.

With a strong youth base for her platform already, The Pavlovic Today does not just recruit youth writers, it encourages youth to think critically, to become engaged in the political process, and to help produce the news rather than solely consume it.

Pavlovic is not a stranger to Yale, with a long and impressive history both teaching and studying at Yale. As a Teaching Fellow at Yale University, she taught  “The Hero in the Ancient Near East” and a course about American Christianity at the Yale Divinity School. Later a Senior Instructor in the Yale Young Global Scholars Program, Pavlovic led a wide range of seminars in Politics, Law, and Economics program and International Affairs and Security program. Further, Pavlovic was the Head Writing Fellow at the Yale Graduate Writing Center as well as the fellow of the prestigious Research and Travel Award in Grand Strategy from International Security Studies at Yale University.

Her talk will be filmed for later viewing.

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