In the ever-entertaining circus of the Republican Party, the flamboyant Jim Jordan, has discovered a bitter truth – he simply does not have the votes to propel himself into the role of Speaker.

Jordan has waved the white flag of surrender, opting not to subject himself to a third vote. Instead, he’s decided to back Patrick McHenry, who is currently playing the part of acting speaker. It’s like a political telenovela with more twists and turns than a rollercoaster ride.

But let’s not beat around the bush here; it’s a political tragedy that the House Republicans have authored for themselves. Republicans have managed to convey to the American people that even when they hold the majority in the House, they’re incapable of steering the ship.

The election of McHenry as an interim speaker, a move which seems inevitable now, effectively hands the Democrats a significant decision-making power.

If the Republicans agree to a Democrat-backed coalition government while holding the House majority, no one will ever vote again for them.

They’ve made themselves redundant, disunited and the party without the plan.

In their desperate search for unity, the GOP has handed the Democrats an unintentional gift. It’s almost as if the Republicans are determined to put on a masterclass in self-sabotage, all under the big top of the political circus.

The show must go on, even if it’s veering off course.


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